onsdag 5 februari 2014

Moodboard Februari

Moodboard February
Nursing the garden within

With injured feet, aching knees, a concussion and a worried mind there is not that much time spent outside here other than the doggies walks (I have a labradormix and two dachshounds). Instead I nurse the garden within:

Reading books (I have a little library of about 250 gardening books) and magazines. Time and time again looking trough the most adorable seedcatalouge from Runåbergs Fröer.
Using a floral scented perfume. Ligthning candle with scent of sweet peas or hyacint. Making tea with my little set from Kew Gardens and then dreaming of the time when we visited it. The sugarbowl, milk jug and teacup brings back memories of a time when life seemed so much brighter. 

Pictured above are my little "snuggle-corner" in the kitchen. This is where I sit and dream of days to come(how about that little house and garden by the sea?) and remember all those flowers now long gone.

To me gardening is not just digging in the soil, cutting grass, cultivating crops and making flowerarrangements.
Gardening is a state of mind.


"I mind me in the days departed,
How often underneath the sun
With childish bounds I used to run
    To a garden long deserted.

The beds and walks were vanish’d quite;
And wheresoe’er had struck the spade,
The greenest grasses Nature laid,
    To sanctify her right.

I call’d the place my wilderness,
For no one enter’d there but I.
The sheep look’d in, the grass to espy,
    And pass’d it ne’ertheless.

The trees were interwoven wild,
And spread their boughs enough about
To keep both sheep and shepherd out,
    But not a happy child.

Adventurous joy it was for me!
I crept beneath the boughs, and found
A circle smooth of mossy ground
    Beneath a poplar-tree.

Old garden rose-trees hedged it in,
Bedropt with roses waxen-white,
Well satisfied with dew and light,
    And careless to be seen."

- Lines from The Deserted Garden by Elisabeth Barret Browning

3 kommentarer:

  1. ja, nu är det verkligen längtan och trädgårdsplaneringens tid. och snart kan vi börja förså
    längtar efter våren så väldigt mycket
    kram åsa

  2. Så fint! Klart man kan skapa en moodboard av själva planerandet - det där klia-i-fingrarna-längtan-efter-våren.

  3. Tack för besöket. Vad härligt med lite trädgårdsplanering, nu längtar man verkligen efter att sätta fingrarna i jorden. Mvh Miriam


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